Axis Groups

916 Grenadier Regiment       A highly authentic and respected group portraying troops of this regiment from the 352nd Infantry Division.

Feldgendarmerie Trupp 82    Group portraying Military Policemen of the 2nd Panzer Division.

S.B.G                                          Second battle group portraying the SS.   Has got to be the biggest single group in Europe - -backed by masses of armour and equipment.

A.F.R.A                                                 Representing quality Axis groups - - re-enacting and living history

GD-Recon                             A group based in the U.K. portraying troops of an armoured reconnaissance battalion, Grossdeutschland Division.

Der Erste Zug                     A very good quality group and a website packed with information.

Fjr2.Belgium                       Excellent group based in Belgium - - - not an easy thing to achieve in a country that was occupied.

Fallschirmjaeger'39-'45       One of the top groups in the U.K.- - - - - A real hard act to follow.

The U-Boat Society                This is a new group on the UK re-enactment scene that wishes to portray WW2 Germany’s U-Boat arm.

Panzer Lehr                         Top class re-enactment group, and we often merge to form a Kampfgruppe at private events.

272. Infanterie Division      American group with a website packed with information.

352. Infanterie Division      Another American Heer group that look very good.

Allied Groups

Tommy Atkins                    Top quality group - --everything is as it would have been.

Just OrdinaryMenst airborneRecon squadron - - -there portrayal speaks louder than the written word.

FAAA                                        A top class Allied group and we are both members of C.O.R.A.   


Richard Underwood            Our first choice for quality repro equipment and uniforms                                                      

Rzmilitaria                         James Brown's first site - -top quality repro equipment- -also selected original items 

ExtraKlasse                        James browns second site - -This site is dedicated to the pinnacle in the re-enacting world of uniforms and accoutrement's

Hessen-Antique                   Good quality US dealer of reproduction and original items. Exchange rate makes  Hessen items good value too.

Nicholas Morigi                 Quality reproduction insignia and caps and excellent service. Highly recommended.

PZG                                           An interesting site for Axis music---books--vintage films--flags--greeting cards--calendars--etc.

SOLDAT  FHQ                  A superb American site selling, awards--helmets--uniforms--caps--etc.

Military Helmet Decals       The very best helmet decals- - - - - Superb Quality for Axis and Allied Helmets.

Tentsmiths                              Historical  tents of all kinds- -German Staff Tents- - -with a fast friendly service from the U.S.A.

Pathfinder                            U.K. based company - selling tents & equipment with the re-enactor in mind.


Chatham Militaria Fairs         Chatham military fair have made us and other re-enactors most welcome

Event Plan                        Howard Giles company-----Very professional in arranging shows -TV etc ---anything from stone age man to the modern day.

Wehrmacht-History           A very interesting site, packed with pictures, film, and info, on the history of the Wehrmacht.

German Manuals              This is a must site for the German re-enactor, original German Manuals translated into English.


WW11 Forum                    A forum that is open to all, Allied and Axis Re-enactors for information and discussion.

Axis Pst!                           Another very good forum, primarily for Axis re-enactment.


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