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No doubt you, like us, do a rather ordinary job. Your existence, like ours, is probably not glamorous, particularly exciting or full of adventure. You have a home, maybe a family, and a hobby perhaps. You are, Iím sure, an honest, hardworking citizen in a country of which you are proud.


During World War Two nine million ordinary German men were called up to serve in the Wehrmacht (Armed Forces). They did not volunteer, but they were no doubt proud to go, for they were fighting for all the things you have. Like you, they were ordinary.


They did not all join elite units. There were very few paratroopers, not many fighter pilots, some elite regiments, a few more U-boat crews and not as many SS as you think. The average age of the German soldiers was 35 (click here for more details), they went into ordinary military units with other ordinary men. Some committed extraordinary acts, some committed atrocities, some survived, many did not.


Das Heer aims to portray these very ordinary soldiers, and present their lives, equipment and experiences to the public. It also provides a place where collectors and those with an interest in WW2 can meet, discuss, collect and research. We are a group of historians with an interest in WW2, the ordinary German soldier and the period 1939-1941. We do not condone, apologise or ignore the atrocities committed, nor do we seek to glorify war or the Third Reich.


Das Heer was formed in 2003 and represents the men of the 1.Gruppe, 2.Kompany, Infanterie Regiment 27. Infanterie Division 12. Our symbol is the charging bison. For a full history of the Infanterie Division 12. click here. The men of the Infanterie 27.were from Pomerania/Mecklenburg in Northern Germany and did ordinary jobs, from farming to tram driving. We aim to present these lives in their historical context, for details of the profiles of our soldiers, click here.


We believe Das Heer is unique in portraying the early war German soldier. Although we are a small group, members go to extraordinary lengths to achieve a high standard of authenticity and are subject to strict rules for behaviour, uniform and equipment. Members receive training in basic German, learn foot and rifle drill, tactics and weapon handling. Members are obliged to think carefully and produce a historically accurate profile, which is supported by correct paperwork and documents


Das Heer is active throughout the year and attends many events throughout the country. These range from English Heritage sites to The War and Peace show at Beltring. Most events we attend are based in the South East of England as this is where our membership is located. However, we have members from Yorkshire to Belgium.  Das Heer regularly attends the monthly Militaria fair at the Chatham Historic Dockyard. Details of our events can be found using the link on our home page.


Members also attend private training events and battles. The idea is take Das Heer beyond dressing up for the weekend. Members experience marching in full kit, night patrols, digging in and sleeping in the field. They experience using original or replica equipment for the purpose for which it was intended. This kind of experience only serves to add to our knowledge and bring those experiences to our public displays with increased authenticity.


Das Heer is keen to participate in any event. Our members are very committed and are happy to give talks to schools societies or clubs. We can add to your historical event with arena displays of firing weapons and equipment. We can also advise of historical accuracy and content, or work with organisers to help create a unique event.


If you are thinking of becoming a landser in the Infanterie Regiment 27. click here.



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